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Hi! My name is Gideon Busquét-Craucamp AKA Gideonslight. I am a certified Creatively Fit Coach, Life Coach and Artist. I have completed my Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology (DiMAP) with my main focus on Art and Logo-therapy methods. I offer personal creative coaching, I facilitate in-person as well as online workshops, where I guide participants to overcome limiting beliefs, become aware of unhelpful attitudes and develop their creative right brain functioning through playful mark making on a canvas.

I firmly believe that creativity is part of every human being, and shouldn't be confused with artistic skills and technique. Once creative ability is embraced at the canvas, techniques can be learned by anyone. This creative approach to life coaching offers a fresh and empowering perspective that is becoming very popular with people all over the world, recognising that a sacred creative painting practice offer so much to help promote self reflection, insight, equanimity and character.

It is my intention through my coaching, to help participants to firstly recognise their natural resilience. Then during the course of a few sessions, as you develop confidence in your creative skills at the canvas, you begin to recognise that if a person stands in their own personal power, they have the ability to self actualize and become effective individuals who can achieve any dream or goal they set their mind to.

No art skills or training is necessary and anyone can participate. All that is required is an open mind and a willingness to play and embrace your own creative nature at the canvas! I believe we are all life artist and your life is the canvas of your soul!

*Creative coaching is a form of life coaching that helps people develop their creative skills and work through any barriers holding them back in their life.

The canvas serves as the metaphor that helps you to identify limiting beliefs and or attitudes that is counter productive to achieving your highest goals and ideals.

Although painting is involved, no previous art experience or skills are required to participate in a class, or to benefit from the insight that can be gained through this experiential personal growth journey.


from 7 reviews
"Gideon is an excellent instructor. I love all of his workshops and highly recommend his painting tutorials. I learned some new painting techniques and I am very grateful to get the chance to paint with Gideon. He is a bright light and am happy to have crossed his path and call him a friend. ??????????"
- Saundra
"I really enjoyed it. It was a relaxing Sunday morning spend creating something beautiful! Thank you Gideon for your gentle guidance!"
- Anonymous
"Gideon is a wonderful coach. He explained techniques very well. what a fun experience it was to follow along with his workshop!!!!"
- shelley
"The course was a step-by-step process to go from a blank canvas to an original Buddha painting. Gideon gave lots of helpful tips and tricks to create the Buddha painting. He encouraged me to be brave as I put the paint on the canvas. His knowledge and support kept me inspired to keep going. I finished my Buddha painting and love it. It will hang in my home. He is a wonderful guide and I highly recommend this course."
- Anonymous

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